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Adam Carolla, the man with the most downloaded podcast in the world and former co-host of our fine program, joined us tonight.  He talked about his new book, his time on Celebrity Apprentice, rescuing dogs, and so much more.  Check out the whole clip here!

Cheech Marin joined us on Loveline last night and had a wonderful conversation with our buddy Rudy.  I've never seen Rudy happier.

Last night's show featured the return of everyone's favorite word game; Stinky Pinky!  Check out this all-star session featuring all the brightest stars in the game.
We have inexplicably made it to 100 episodes of our silly show.  Join the boys as they snap each other with rubber bands, open presents, give callers "the business," and engage in other such tom-foolery.

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LAD #100: The Tim Tivo Centennial
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If you missed any of the "First Call" preshows from last week, here they are. Enjoy!

Listen below or use this download link.

In a questionable move, Anderson and Tyler now handle the preshow, which is now known as "The First Call."

Here's last week's collection of "First Call" episodes.

Listen below or use this download link.

The boys discuss how to deal with moths, haircuts, cyclops sharks, bully robots, and Carano's surefire way to make friends.

And yes... Tyler screwed up.  There are 3 or so minutes missing from the end of the episode.

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LAD #87: Of Moths and Men
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When Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 calls in, Mike invites himself onto the road with the band... and Mark accepts!  Then, they inevitably start talking about their penises.

Our caller doesn't like to go down on his girlfriend.  Well, too bad, says Mr. Catherwood.  Sack up and perform your duty!
Our new friend Razmik, a lovely Armenian gentleman from Glendale, California joins us!  He's does his best to help caller Amber with her girlfriend problems.

Robert called in to complain about the way that Mike and Drew portray the drug ecstasy on the show.  What followed was a pretty awesome argument between Mike and Robert.  Check it our right now, right here.

Caller Oz had an interesting run in with a praying mantis and if I say anything more, I'll ruin the call for you.  So just listen, ok?
Rudy got super excited when he found out we were going to have tattoo artist Dan Smith on the show.  He really wanted to talk to Dan about a tattoo he was thinking about getting.  I sure hope he goes through with it.

(Thanks to listener Lauren for this super awesome rendition of Rudy's prospective tattoo)

We're liiiiive. Make comments for us to ignore.


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For a limited time, we're making Tuesday's show with Black Veil Brides free for download. So get it while it lasts! Just don't "ice arrow" anybody. Deal? To download this show, right click HERE and click "save as"

Anderson's fill-in, Ted, made this awesome Steve Aoki vs. Dr. Drew remix.  Check it out right now and even download it, if you so wish!

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Don't miss Sven's newest track.  Per usual, it's about his latest hookup... but this one actually involves hooks.  You'll see what i mean.

Last night, Rudy came by to chat with our guests "Mariachi El Bronx."  He performed a new ranchero-style tune he's been working on as well as a rendition of his classic hit, "Smoke More Blunts, Lick More Butt."

You can download his new hit, "Crease My Dickies" right now! Just right click HERE and select "Save As..."
The movie "Friends with Benefits" starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis comes out this weekend.  The Daily Beast interviewed Dr. Drew to get his thoughts on the movie's premise: the infamous "friends with benefits" relationship.

Here's a short quote from the article.  You can read the rest HERE.

Dr. Drew, do you have anything else to add about engaging in a “friends with benefits” relationship?

It looks great on paper, but it’s a very treacherous road. Particularly women need to pay attention to what is unique to their own personal biology and emotional systems, and not deny it. Go ahead and get what you really want. Just because Dad wasn’t available or Mom wasn’t available doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of good people out there. But you have to be very careful yourself in your own attraction. If you have a history of being attracted to people who have failed you in relationships, find people that aren’t so exciting and aren’t quite so attractive. Try that on for size and see if you can tolerate that. The other thing is, “friends with benefits” is the flip side of repeated failed relationships. It’s the exact same phenomenon. So don’t think that you’re outsmarting relationships by doing that. You’re going down the same path, just the other side of the coin.

It's no secret that Mike has a yearning for Dr. Drew far beyond that of a typical working relationship.  Things got real steamy when Mike told Lisa Lampanelli all the wonderful things he'd like to do with Dr. Drew.

It was a full moon last night and it brought out the beast in Mike... the movie beast!  For whatever reason, people started calling up to have Mike reenact scenes from various films.  Even Drew got in on the action by the end of the night!  Check out the madness now!

Usually it's Sven who sings about being at the disco, however, the guys from The Airborne Toxic Event really wanted to hear Rudy take a crack at it.  The result?  Not too bad!

Don't you dare miss this story from Lacey Schwimmer of "Dancing with the Stars," about the time she had to poop in her car.  Into her hand.  Yep.
Here's the audio from Reggie and Rudy's monumental meeting of the minds.  One of the funniest bits on our show in a long time.  Don't miss it.
Things got rather romantic between Mike and Andy Dick last night when the two took a trip to Brokedick Mountain.  Here's the audio in case you missed it!

In one amazing segment tonight, we were treated to appearances from Rudy, Spencer, and Gene.

Apparently, Mike and Anderson hated the photo they took of themselves, so they sent me this...

Behold, After Disaster #31!  I have not listened to the whole thing yet, so I have no idea what is covered.  Let's find out together, shall we?

Now, right click here and "Save As..." so you can have this show FOREVER.

Screwball Nathan called in to inform us of the exciting results of his super secret pineapple experiment.  What was it and what does it mean for future generations?  Find out!

Don't miss a great round of stinky pinky (with one of the worst stinky pinkies ever) with our guest Petros Papadakis!
Jason Ellis recalls a couple of strange nights that both ended up with his shoes missing and only one sock on his feet.

The disco is rocking with the fresh new ecstasy-fueled euro-trash beats of Sven.

Rudy stops by for his first visit of 2011 and boy was it memorable.
Don't miss our entire interview with Terrance, the man that brought Hedo Rick to the world.  That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
Meet Magnolia.  A nice young Korean girl with 36D's.  Mike is in love.
Anna and her boyfriend can't seem to stop baby talking with each other and Mike is happy to act it out with her... though I'm not sure we really helped her at all.

Anna and her boyfriend can't seem to stop baby talking with each other.  Mike is happy to act it out with her but I'm not sure we really helped her all that much.
Katie's boyfriend is European, frequents "bathhouses," and loves backdoor action.  Could he be gay?
So years ago Rob Schneider's phone was broke and he could only get calls via his answering machine.  This is what happened when a wrong number called.  Hilarity ensues.
Alyssa and her boyfriend have let their "baby talk" get way out of hand.  It has now even made its way to the bedroom.  How do they kick this addiction to baby talk?
Vanessa is nine months pregnant and wants to know the best sexual position for someone that far along.  Will Sasso steps in with some VERY helpful advice.
So we decided to give you even more after disaster this week but it didn't quite work out.

Click here to download this latest disaster!
Adam Carolla has some sage advice for a female caller that doesn't want to be hit on so much.
Mayhem Miller tells it like it is in this hilarious highlight.  Mayhem has no patience for annoying girls.
Luke is a 14 year-old "long time listener" (almost two months!) who thinks he has mold growing on his groin.  Oh dear.
Spencer swings by in his bumpin' new helicopter, SpenceDawg One, and learns something terrible about women in this call from Ryan in South Central L.A..
Jamie Kennedy and Dr. Drew were discussing addiction genes but Gene Simmons got a bit confused and thought they were calling for him.
Nick Swardson's buddy, Gay Robot, was nice enough to come by tonight and tell us about his Halloween weekend.
The aftershow rears its ugly, untitled head once again. This week's show is dedicated to Shadowfang2121's brother. Just listen and you'll understand why.
"Esnay" calls us up and the guys are more curious about the origins of her name than her actual call.
Dr. Drew said something (in a boring call) about Kegel exercises for your butt. This gets Mike thinking about the potential uses of a strong sphincter.
Spencer joins Jake Pavelka and Dr. Drew in studio and then "helps" one of our poor callers. He also insults Rudy.
Caller Nicole has started lactating for no reason. But that's beside the point. Mike has decided he wants some mother's milk -- "in his belly."
Tim wants to watch porn with his girlfriend. Mike has some advice on how to ease her into it but then Tim gets greedy...
It's everyone's favorite segment, Spencer the Racial Sensor! He's never wrong!
The ever hard-to-please Spencer finds his dream woman. Siiiiick, kid!
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