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Streaming Help offers media streaming for Real and WindowsMedia players on Windows, and MacOS systems. Please select your "preferred player" for media:
Real Player Windows Media
Streaming FAQ
Who Can Stream the Radio Show and other Content on the Site?
Premium members have access to archived shows, webcasts and other media on the site. Click here to become a premium member.
Archived Versus Live Streaming
Live Streaming Premium Members can hear the Radio Factor LIVE from noon to 2 PM eastern.
Archived Streaming Past shows are also available for your listening pleasure if you wish to catch a previous show you missed or refer to a point mentioned in the past. A media library of past archived shows is available.
Will Streaming work with Web TV?
We've designed our websites to be compatible with the widest possible range of computers and connections to the Internet. Compatibility is a balancing act, and while some streaming may function with WebTV, this format is unsupported.
Can Audio files be downloaded to my computer or MP3 player?
Our files are delivered for audio streaming, not downloading. This way, any time you have an Internet connection, you can listen to these streams immediately, without waiting a long time for it to download into your computer.
General Troubleshooting
If you are experiencing difficulty streaming, you should first check a few basic points:
Refresh Your Machine
Try to clear some memory; empty your temporary internet cache folder and empty out your recycling bin. You might also try to restart or reboot your computer to free up more of the system memory.
Get The Player:
Go to the Windows Media Player website: Click on the Download Now button. Select Save this program to disk. Save the file to a place on your hard drive that you can easily remember (i.e. your desktop). This takes approx. 15-20 minutes on a 28.8 kbps connection. Once the download is complete, go to the file wherever you saved it. Then double-click on that file to have it fully installed. Select Typical as a default and let the installation select the defaults for the rest of the choices.
Check The Volume Settings
Most likely you will have a speaker icon in the lower right hand corner of your desktop (in the taskbar). Double-click on this icon. This will bring up a control panel for your soundcard. In the Volume Control channel, there will be two sliders. The top slider controls balance between your speakers (left side, right side) and the lower slider adjusts volume. Make sure the lower slider is UP and not towards the bottom.
Check The Speakers
Make sure the speakers are connected to your computer and the actual volume knob on your speakers is turned up.
Specific Issues
My stream has frequent interruptions, what do I do?
If you find that there are frequent interruptions when listening to our stream, it's possible you do not have enough 'Buffering' time in your Windows Media Player. We'll spare you all the technical details here about 'Buffering', but basically it's similar in concept to 'memory' in your computer. The more, the better, in terms of the stability of the connection (but it will take longer to connect initially). Here's what to do:
1) Open your Windows Media Player:
2) Click on the TOOLS tab in the upper left corner: Then click on OPTIONS as seen below.
3) After clicking OPTIONS above, you'll see a new window:
4) Look for the PERFORMANCE tab on the bottom right row as seen below.
5) In the middle of the window you'll see 'NETWORK BUFFERING'. If the 'Use Default Buffering (Recommended)' is checked, change it to the selection below it that says, 'BUFFER'. Type in 30 next to 'seconds of content'.
Then hit the OK button at the bottom of the window. That's it, you're done!
How do I find out which version of the Media Player I have?
Windows Media Player: From the Windows Media Player toolbar, click Help, and then click About Windows Media Player. The version number is listed in the window that appears.
Real Player: From the Real Player toolbar, click Help, and then click About Real Player. The version number is listed in the window that appears.
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