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Newsletter Tips
Delivery and Subscription Problems
I successfully subscribed to the newsletter, why don't I get the newsletters?
Even if you have signed up successfully, you may still fail to receive your copy of the newsletter because of one of the following delivery problems or issues:
  • Storage Space: Your e-mail Inbox has exceeded it's space limitation. FIX: Clean out your mailbox!
  • SPAM Filtering You Know About: Do you use Spam-filtering programs, options services, or software? Please check all of them to ensure that our Newsletter will not be turned away at your InBox front door. NOTE: Because our Newsletter is automated, we cannot respond to human-reply-request filtering programs such as Matador and others. If you use such programs, you must set the options provided by those programs to allow newsletter and mailing list deliveries, otherwise the Newsletter will get returned to us, undelivered. After two such "bounces", your email address will be removed from our list.
  • SPAM Filtering You May Not Know About: Your incoming email may be heavily filtered even without your awareness and this may be blocking the delivery of our newsletter. For example, almost all high-volume ISPs and email providers/programs such as Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, Earthlink, AOL, Microsoft Outlook [and many others] will automatically deliver many Newsletters to the Bulk Mail or Junk Mail Folder or to the Trash Mailbox unless told to do otherwise. FIX: Discover if you or your provider has a SPAM filter on your incoming email. Look for our Newsletter wherever such filtered "Junk" mail is stored. Use the options provided by your email service or program to always accept emails from (consult your providers and programs for instructions on how best to do this with your system. Once you identify the Newsletter as "Not SPAM" and OK by you, the Newsletter will be delivered to your Inbox instead of going to your Junk Mail folder.
  • Heavy Net Traffic: Due to heavier then usual Net traffic and/or a heavy mail queue on your home server and/or problems on your server or somewhere between us and you, your mail was not deliverable in some allotted period of time, and so was returned to us undelivered. (This happens more than you might think, especially with high-traffic and/or free e-mail site addresses.) We have no control over how long a server allows mail to sit in a queue before returning it to sender: that is at the discretion of your ISP, and many ISPs have become very strict in order to avoid mail queue clogs due to spam.
  • Subscribed to Premium Membership: If you had a newsletter subscription before your subscribed to your Premium Membership, your Premium Membership subscription may reset your newsletter subscription. FIX: Go and unsubscribe your email from the newsletter, remove the email address from the system, then re-subscribe your email address again.
  • Changed email address: You may have changed your email address for your account which also holds your newsletter subscription information. Once you change the email address, the newsletter information separates with the old email address information, so the new email address is not subscribed to the newsletter. FIX: Subscribe the new email address to the newsletter after you have changed it on your account.
  • AOL Users: We recommend not using an AOL email address to receive our newsletter as their ability to deliver newsletter email messages is faulty. We have worked with them for a long time to get our email newsletters through to AOL email addresses and they can not fix the problem. It is an AOL problem, not a problem with our system.
I never subscribed to the newsletter, so why did I get a newsletter?
There could be three different possible scenarios why this is occuring:
  1. It is possible that a friend or relative thought to subscribe you to our newsletter. Although, this is against our policy.
  2. You may be an indirect victim of the Klez Virus. This virus (which broke out in 2002 and is still around today) forges "From" fields of infected emails and can theoretically generate unwanted subscriptions.
  3. The Newsletter you received did not originate from us, but was instead forwarded to you by a friend or associate. Please check the "From" header of the offending Newsletter carefully to determine if this might be the case.
Why don't the links in my newsletter work?
Most modern email clients such as Eudora, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc. will render the URLs we place in the Newsletter texts as an underlined link; simply clicking or double-clicking on links preceded by an "http" will bring you to the indicated webpage in your browser. Similarly, email addresses preceded by a "mailto" code will automatically start an email message addressed to that location. If you have a modern email client and are still having trouble, you may need to change some settings in your email program. Please refer to the documentation for your program.
The notable exception is older versions of AOL email, which does not offer the capacity to convert links as we designate them into clickables. If you are having trouble using the links, you will have to copy the link text by hand and paste it into your browser window (if it is an "http" or website link) or into your email window (if it is a "mailto" or email address link).
FAQ on the Newsletter
I use MSN or Earthlink, and I have not received the newsletter, even though I signed up. What could be the problem?
Because of the spam filters employed by these two ISPs, our newsletter is not guaranteed to reach you unless you whitelist us for your specific MSN or Earthlink account.

To whitelist us in Earthlink, simply add the address "" to your address book.

To whitelist us in MSN, do the following:
Click on Settings: E-mail | Junk e-mail (it's at the bottom left of the screen, just above Calendar).
On the E-mail settings screen, click Junk E-Mail Guard.
Select Safe List.
In the space provided under "Add people to the safe list", enter the address "".
Click Add.

When do you send out your newsletter?
Typically the newsletter goes out every Thursday afternoon. Although sometimes this schedule might be altered to accommodate other considerations.
What information do you collect when I subscribe to the newsletter?
We only collect your email address.
Is my email address passed on or used by anyone else?
It is against our Privacy Policy to share or sell your personal information to any other third party or use it for any means other then what is specifically specified to you.
Do I get any pop up advertisement messages with your newsletter?
There are no pop up advertisement messages with the newsletter. However, occasionally we do have advertisers that sponsor the newsletter.
How do I confirm my e-mail newsletter subscription?
When you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive an e-mail confirming your subscription request. Also upon entering your email address, our website will load with a message saying that your subscription has been confirmed.
What if I change my e-mail address?
You can always unsubscribe your old e-mail address and re-subscribe with your new e-mail address. Directions for unsubscribing are at the bottom of every e-mail newsletter.
How do I unsubscribe?
Click here to unsubscribe from our newsletter. You can also contact us and include your e-mail address and we will unsubscribe you from our list.
Can I sign my friends or family up for your newsletters?
No. It is a violation of our privacy policy to sign anyone up for an e-mail newsletter without their permission. If you think a friend or family member would benefit from one of our e-mail newsletters, we encourage you to direct them to our website where they can subscribe themselves to our newsletter.
Does it cost anything to get the newsletter?
Our e-mail newsletters are free. We are happy to provide them at no cost to you.
Can I view the newsletter online?
Yes. Premium Members will find the current and archived newsletters by clicking "Newsletter Archive" under the "Premium Members" menu option at the top of the site.
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