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Tips for Macintosh Users
Safari Users
For users of the Safari browser:

Safari is a web browser made specifically for Mac OS X by Apple/Macintosh themselves. To download Safari, click here.

To configure Enabling Cookies, Java, Plug-Ins in Safari for Mac OS X, perform the following steps:
  • Click the Security icon. The first section is Web Content.
  • Enable JavaScript and Enable Java. (Java is an important part of the Internet. Some pages on Without Java, these pages won't function properly. )
  • Enable Plug-ins. (Plug-ins allow programs which are not normally part of Safari to act as if they are part of Safari. Programs like RealPlayer, Shockwave, Flash are popular examples.)
  • Enable Accept Cookies. (Many sites require that you Enable cookies (bank sites and credit unions, for example). If cookies are disabled, you will not be able to access these sites. Please note that you will need cookies enabled to use certain features of
Mac Users Who use Internet Explorer
  • Some Mac users experience problems browsing certain sites with Internet Explorer. To correct these problems, try downloading and installing the latest version of Internet Explorer for Mac here.
  • To read Microsoft's tips on using Internet Explorer for Mac, click here.
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Choose from two Media Players for the Macs:
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