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Dr. Drew Show #121 w/ Endometriosis Expert Dr. Tamer Seckin (05/05/2014)
Posted by Rhune

We received thousands of passionate tweets, comments and messages asking for Dr. Drew to clarify comments he made about endometriosis on last Thursday's episode of Loveline. His use of the phrase "garbage bag diagnosis" was misquoted on several news outlets sparking a campaign for awareness for endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. To clear the air, Dr. Drew invited endometriosis expert Dr. Tamer Seckin to discuss the disorder with him on "The Dr. Drew Podcast" on the Ace Broadcasting Network. We hope you'll find it to be an enlightening and informative meeting of the minds!

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emily p.
December 28, 2015 6:09 AM
Dr. Drew, THANK YOU for acknowledging your blatant misrepresentation & ignorance. Endo, IC, etc. are often incorrectly Dx'd "somatoform" by less trained MDs. You honorably admit your mistakes & invited Dr. Seckin, a SUPERB expert, to correct you. As for the caller, his GF's diagnostic status is IRRELEVANT. Partners of Endo/sexual dysfunction (SD) suffer greatly. This is ESPECIALLY true for those in new relationships where the experience of agonizing sex is likely new. For both partners in such relationships, intercourse can at times echo rape. Probably hard for you to imagine, but quite seriously. TRY to imagine his confusion & disturbing guilt. His rambling, jumbled call likely came from a place of fear & inquest; thus why he called YOU - in his eyes, the "expert". Though your opinions on sex, SD and its related psychiatry have made you millions, they may be best analyzed by MDs board certified in those areas - not Internal Medicine & Addiction, where YOU are the expert.
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Phil M
June 03, 2014 5:04 AM
Thank you for you reasonable attitude, Whitney. Most regular listeners of the show have witnessed first hand how Drew has been one of women's greatest advocates of the generation: Championing cervical cancer prevention, calling out irresponsible doctors for not informing women of birth control side-effects, taking society to task for being dismissive of women's sexual needs, clearing up misconceptions of how women achieve pleasure from sex. It's been close to 30 years; I could go on and on. As Drew often says "Know who your friends are." Don't crap on people that may be your greatest ally.
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Whitney B.
May 31, 2014 9:41 PM
I want to acknowledge how reactionary and illogical it is to jump all over you, Dr. Drew for labelling endometriosis in a way that was not 100% accurate. I have suffered through the most excruciating pain and while it too a specialist to diagnose my severe endometriosis, I have learned that there is too much that it unknown about the condition to get all riled up about it being mislabelled. C'mon ladies! In the grand scheme of things, let's look at Dr. Drew's track record. The man has done SO MUCH for the benefit of women , the rights and honor of women , he is not at all a flippant mansplaining chauvanist. Please! Nice try. While it IS indeed frustrating to be taken less seriously when you suffer from an amorphous disease --to be accused of exaggerating your symptoms, to be an emotional basket case, and then to have next to no solution....let's get off Pinky's case . He's not a whipping boy. He's one of our greatest advocates. I was put on Lupron, went from having unbearable pain, to going into a heightened and world -jostling Lupron induced menopause at age 42. I ended up losing my job. But as frustrated and as bitter as am at certain times, I can't agree with this witc
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