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One Night Stands
In Simone's latest blog, she answers a listener's email regarding one night stands. She's not enjoying them as much as she thought she would and now wonders how to break the cycle.
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Ask Simone: Can I Delay My Sexual Peak?
In Simone's latest blog, she tackles the issue of "sexual peaks." One listener is worried she's approaching her sexual peak and how it may effect her relationship with her younger boyfriend.
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We're discussing what you think about during sex on tonight's Open Forum. Here's one take...
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Ask Simone: Vibrator Virgin
In Simone's latest blog, she takes a question from a Loveline listener who wants a vibrator but is super embarassed about the prospect of actually using it!
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Ask Simone: Moving On From Missionary
In Simone's latest blog, she takes a question from a Loveline listener who wants to know how she and her new guy can move on from plain old missionary position.
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The Lasting Effects of Losing Your Virginity
In Simone's latest blog, she tackles virginity and how the manner in which you lose it can continue to effect your sex life many years later.
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Ask Simone
Simone helps a listener who emails her about his secret bondage fetish. He's never told his girlfriend of ten years about his secret desires to engage in BDSM activities. Should he tell her? Find out what Simone recommends!
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Baby-Proof Your Sex Life!
Have you had a baby recently? Are you expecting? Either way, Simone's got a great tips 5-step plan to baby-proof your relationship and sex life!
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Where do babies come from? These callers have no idea.
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The boys from Plain White T's discuss blowjobs vs handjobs vs sex. Are these really the same guys that wrote "Hey There, Delilah?"
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