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relationshipsSimone Bienne
Everything Else May 8, 2012
Falling in Love Too Fast
In Simone's latest blog, she tackles the issue of love at first sight and falling in love too fast.
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Everything Else May 2, 2012
Meet the Parents
In Simone's latest blog, she shares tips for making a great first impression with your partner's parents.
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Everything Else March 15, 2012
Should You Stay Friendly With Your Ex?
In Simone's latest blog, she discusses how you should handle relationships with ex-partners. If you want to stay friends, she's got five tips that are going to help you out big time!
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Videos February 8, 2012
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Worried you partner may stray? Simone's got three tips that will strengthen the bonds of your relationship and encourage fidelity.
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Videos February 7, 2012

This video imagines a world in which women are the aggressors in the dating world. It's awesome.
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Everything Else January 24, 2012
3 Rules for Rebounds
Simone tackles "rebound" relationships in her latest blog and shares three rules you should follow when considering getting involved in one.
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Letsgo on  Advice On Moving On. : Never to say anything and like that its over. We lasted 2 days since feb. 16 I've havent spooken to her at all shes tried to talk to me b...
Letsgo on  Advice On Moving On. : Thats what happen that night and I tell her I will be the one to pull the trigger. I figure if I do the breaking up it will be less likel...
Letsgo on  Advice On Moving On. : Ok this is kinda long I'll finish it up she starts talking about this.
1. Daddy Issues
2. Trama Growing Up
3. Depressing Stores<...
Letsgo on  Advice On Moving On. : Shes hesistant again saying she really doesnt want to and that shes going to be. What happens next was the start of it I said okay and go...
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