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highlightpornraging waters
Highlights August 3, 2010
Kelly's Too Hot For Her Own Good
Your voice says alot about you. Dr. Drew can tell if you were touched and Mike can tell if you're super hot. Kelly is the latter.
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Highlights August 2, 2010
Spencer's Racial Sensor: Kat
It's everyone's favorite segment, Spencer the Racial Sensor! He's never wrong!
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Highlights August 2, 2010
How to Get Girlfriend to Watch Porn
Tim wants to watch porn with his girlfriend. Mike has some advice on how to ease her into it but then Tim gets greedy...
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Highlights August 1, 2010
Brie's Wedgie Crisis
Brie had an unfortunate experience on a water slide and is now suffering the consequences.
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Highlights July 29, 2010
Spencer Finds His Soulmate
The ever hard-to-please Spencer finds his dream woman. Siiiiick, kid!
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Highlights July 21, 2010
Gene's Advice for Dr. Bruce
Gene doesn't think Dr. Bruce is marketing himself properly. He also shares a story about Peter Frampton, Faye Dunaway, and Woody Allen.
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Cherie S. on  Podcasts: Classic Loveline #432 (05/26/1997) : Great show
Donna C. on  Everything Else: Listen Live Online : I feel I need to tell someone about the show I heard tonite. I don't know who the guests were but should never be allowed on live radio E...
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