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Nick Swardson
Highlights February 14, 2012

Miss our show with Nick Swardson? Even if you didn't, watch it again right now!
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Photos February 14, 2012
Nick Swardson w/ Mike, Dr. Drew, Simone
Friends forever.
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Videos September 13, 2011

We subjected our good buddy Nick Swardson to FOUR rounds of horrible, disgusting photos. How did Mr. Swardson fare? Well, watch the video...
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Videos September 12, 2011

Our caller would like some new moves for the bedroom and Mike and guest Nick Swardson are happy to lend a helping hand.
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Videos September 11, 2011
Poor Nick Swardson
When Nick Swardson comes by, we like to show him terrible pictures. We then film it. Here are two such videos. Warning: You may die from laughing. Proceed with caution.
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Videos February 3, 2011

Once again, we've shown Nick some things he'll never be able to unsee.
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Videos February 2, 2011

Check out Stanley singing for Nick Swardson!
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Videos November 1, 2010
We introduced Nick Swardson to "special fried rice" and a bunch of other terrible things during tonight's video. You MUST watch this video.
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Highlights November 1, 2010
Gay Robot's Halloween Experience
Nick Swardson's buddy, Gay Robot, was nice enough to come by tonight and tell us about his Halloween weekend.
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