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The Lasting Effects of Losing Your Virginity
Posted by Tyler
The Lasting Effects of Losing Your Virginity

No matter how hard some of us try to forget, we will always remember the first person we had sex with. But what most of us didn’t count on, is that the way we lost our virginity can decide how we have sex now. Have a good first experience, and you’ll see sex as something that’s healthy and fun. But have a bad first time, and it can take years to get over it.

Shocking new research claims that when you lost your virginity could actually have been down to your genes. Ok. So it’s not as if you can shake off all blame for making a bad decision about who you slept with for the first time but, at least now according to these findings from California State University, you can let yourself off the hook a little.

The thing to remember is most of us had a dodgy first stab at sex. The good news is this doesn’t have to determine the future of your sex life forever. Once you understand why you’re having sex the way you are, then you can work on being even more amazing in bed. That’s the fun part. Like most things that are worth learning, practice really can make perfect.

5 Different Ways You Lost Your Virginity And What That Says About How You Have Sex Now

2 Virgins Together 

If your first time was with another virgin, who then dumped you, the chances are he made you feel like you weren’t any good at sex. Since then, you’ve gone out of your way to prove him wrong. Instead of dating guys your age, the older ones are now more attractive. You feel happier with someone more experienced than you. Not fully sexually confident yet, you let him lead the way in bed. You don’t like being too adventurous with positions, because you’re scared of feeling how you did when you first had sex – that you’re not doing it properly. Your favourite position is probably missionary, meaning he’s in control of thrusting you.

TIP: For even better sex, do your homework. Being confident in bed isn’t about bending your body into freaky shapes. It’s about knowing what turns you on. Get to know yourself through solo sex. Then the next time you’re in bed with a guy, try the spooning position. This way, he has control of his thrusts, and you can take charge of touching yourself. When you orgasm during sex for the first time, your confidence will burst. And they’ll be no looking back. 

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